Wednesday, 18 August 2010


I have a vague memory of being a child, possibly in some sort of tourist shop whilst on a trip to the Rift valley, and at the back of the store there was an "Adults Only" section, partitioned off from the rest of the store, that naturally made me and every other child that ever saw it desperately curious. What I have recently discovered is that within that Adults Only section of life lies misery, stress, and exploitation. I wish I'd never crossed over.

My job has, to some extent fallen through. I can still work for them, provided I'm willing to be exploited at a wage that is £10K p.a. less than I was originally offered and realistically not enough to live on (let alone pay extortionate BVC fees from). Unhelpfully, people keep pointing out to me that there is a recession, high levels of unemployment.

The great job hunt.. .

( 20 X hours of attempting to get your CV perfect) + (rejigging your CV everytime you do something of interest) ( Minus-all the other interesting stuff you did but no longer seems relevant because it may look too old) + (redrafting covering letters then spending x 3 hours worrying whether or not if its perfect) + (having your friends and family comment on your CV and covering letters making sure that they are truely perfect)

Sunday, 13 June 2010


These are my ramblings through school and dating.I'm an international student and part time events co-ordinator in the city of London.Today i made the decision to seriously search for a SD and have signed up on SA,SD4ME and SD.I have received an overwhelming amount of mail and will be going through them all tonight.. .